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DIC T&T is confident of progress

After equitization in 2007, DIC T&T Tourism Joint Stock Company has had steady and steady growth. In addition to being in the gold position on the coast, the refreshingness of myself and the strategic direction of our visionary business team have made DIC T&T a fast, forward-thinking place.


Located in the southern key economic area, the resort and resort of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, DIC T&T Company is known as one of the strengths in providing tourism services, because owns 400m of coastline, 50,000m2 sea beach resort behind Vung Tau with a cluster of hotels including two 4 star hotel is DIC Star and Cap Saint Jaques, restaurant DIC Lotus. This gave DIC T&T a unique position.

However, due to the economic situation as well as the situation in the South China Sea, the tourism industry in our country has encountered many difficulties in 2014. According to VNAT, in 2014, international visitors to Vietnam reached 7874.3 thousand visitors, 10.6% lower than in 2013. Particularly, the tourism industry of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province in 2014. has welcomed and served 13.6 million visitors, up 8.64% over 2013, mainly domestic visitors, although the province has less events to stimulate. The growth is due to businesses themselves have to think of many ideas to keep and attract visitors to yourself, including DIC T&T.


Director of DIC T&T Company said: "As a travel agent, we can not passively wait for customers to come and not only provide what we have but to find the way to sell the customer needs. From that point of view, we have come up with a variety of business models, such as connecting with localities, the cultural needs of each region, exploring their culinary traits to create business programs. fit. So even in the low season we still have a steady stream of visitors. " DIC T&T offers a number of events and programs such as discounted room rates for customers when booking, combined with in-person transportation, The package has attracted and kept the guests.

The most successful is DIC T&T's "Food Festival" which is celebrated on the occasion of April 30 - May 1. This is the event to respond to the movement "lighting the back yard" of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province to have products and services to serve tourists at night. With prices ranging from 10,000 VND per person or more, visitors and locals enjoy nearly 100 specialties of the North, Central and South such as rice noodles, pancakes, Vung Tau seafood, such as: oysters, spinach, grilled fish, shrimp grilled / steamed, grilled squid / steamed, grilled octopus, baked crab ... In addition, customers also enjoy the cuisine International like Russian roast pork, grilled German sausage ... and special music programs. DIC T&T has introduced the delicacy of 4 star chefs as well as the rich cuisine of Vietnam to tourists in four directions.

With its advantages DIC T&T can confidently meet the large number of visitors to the combined tourism (MICE). Every year the number of international and domestic delegations to the company accounts for 50%. Due to the wide area, the conference room can accommodate 500 - 700 guests as well as the professional service capacity so MICE tourism always choose DIC T&T as the stop.


4 star hotel DIC Star Vinh Yen - Nam Vinh Yen new urban area - Vinh Phuc province.